What is BMX?

BMX is short for Bicycle Moto cross and is a sport for the whole family to enjoy. It's fun, it's exciting and it's challenging!!  Racing is done on a dirt track with lots of jumps, obstacles and corners to challenge a rider's skills, from start to finish. The sport of BMX began in the early 1970's in southern California.  A handful of riders started riding their stingray type bikes off road in vacant lots and fields.  Not much competition, but lots of fun. Today, the sport of BMX is sweeping the country and the world.  There are over 150,000 riders of all ages racing organized races at permanent tracks across Canada and the United States.  BMX racing is clean, exciting fun that whole families can get involved in, whether it be as a racer, spectator, or track volunteer.  

Riders are organized into separate male and female classes, and then subdivided by age group and skill level. Age classes can range from 5yrs & under to adults 65+. Depending on the number of entrants, you race against other riders the same age, give or take a year. Within each age class, riders are further divided into one of three skill levels – novice, intermediate and expert. All riders start as novice and work up to more advanced levels, based on achieving a required number of wins (10 wins to move to intermediate, and then 20 wins to move to expert). A "win" does not mean in each moto--it means placing first in the rider's category at the end of the night, based on overall placing in each of the three motos.


When do I get to race?

In Kelowna, our local practice nights are Mondays, and our race night is every Wednesday. Please refer to the schedule tab for practice schedule. The Kelowna BMX facebook page also has the most current up-to-date information regarding races, practices, and any other special events. Race registration is open from 5:45 -6:30 pm. We close registration at 6:30 sharp so we have time to post the race sheets and allow for any changes. Sorry, but late registrations will not be accepted. We do our best to start racing by 7:00 pm. Motos or races are set-up by a computer program provided to us by BMX Canada and adhere to the rules in the 2015 Rulebook.


What does it cost to race BMX?
A 1-day trial is available for all new riders, which includes a free practice, and a free race night. 1-Day trials are available at the moto shed Monday or Wednesday nights.

Annual memberships are as follows:

Half Track/Strider Riders - $35

Full Track Riders - $65

2nd Family Member - $60

3rd+ Family Member - $55

*Annual memberships are available at the moto shed during regular race season or on usabmx.com

Wednesday Race Fees are as follows:

Half Track/Strider - $3

Full Track Riders - $5

*Special events like multiple point, Race For life, Scholarship, Provincial qualifiers, and National event fees range from $10-$60.

What kind of bike do I need?

Most racers start with their 16" or 20" street bike.  By removing the chain guard, kick stand and other hazardous attachments like reflectors the bike will be ready to race. All bikes must have rear brakes which must be in good working order. All equipment must be safe and in good condition in order to compete. Bike safety checks are done at the beginning of every race to encourage proper maintenance and upkeep, including safety equipment.


What other type of equipment do I need to race?

BMX racing does not require a lot of expensive equipment.  First, a helmet is required.  We do have loaner helmets at the track. 

Full face protection is mandatory for anyone on the full track. It must have sufficient padding, be of good quality, and fit properly (very important). You will also need to wear a long sleeve shirt, long pants, and running shoes with good gripping soles. We allow short sleeved shirts along with elbow pads, and Shorts along with Knee/Shin pads. Gloves, knee and elbow pads, neck braces and chest protectors are optional.


Any further questions?  Email us!